June 5, 2023

Rockin' Heavy, Hard & Steady 5: Surprise! Unsung 70s Hard Rock Scorchers Again

And they keep hammering 'em out! This set begins with a track from my all-time favorite Canadian band - Max Webster. The track "Hangover" was also (or should say probably) the first track I've heard from the Max Machine. Max Webster used to tour with fellow mates, Rush. My older brother went to see one of their shows not knowing MW but only Rush. He said after MW played, he couldn't care less to stay for Rush. He was so moved that he purchased their debut, brought it home, and the rest is history.

Anyway, lots of rare tracks including Wicked Lady's epic, "War Cloud." Also, check out Pat Travers' awesome cover of "Statesboro Blues." 18 tracks this time by Aunt Mary, Troyka, Albatross, Ancient Grease, Apartment 1, and more! Enjoy!

Let It Roll@320

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