May 25, 2023

That's What She Said! Those Poppin' Rockin' Ladies Again (Vol. 3)

 Lots more goodies, 20 of 'em. All 60s sans one 50s track. My favs? The first track - Janice Peters' This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'. Oh yeah, awesome track. Pat Harris & The Blackjacks' Hippy, Hippy Shake is another, and my favorite rendition. Marie Applebee's Down by the Sea (End of Summer) another goodie. They're all good. Enjoy!

May 19, 2023

Rare Gems from the Gravel Pit 4: Hodgepodge 60s (Esses & Tees)

NOTERevised Edition!

A simple theme with this one. My favs? The American Breed's "Train on a One-Track Mind", 49th Parallel's "She Says," Small Faces' with "Shake," and The Cortinas' "Too Much in Love." I really love the latter. They're all good. Enjoy!

May 18, 2023

Rockin' Rollin' Doo-Wop: Ooo-Wee!

 When I first heard "Zoom" by The Starlighters years ago, I thought it was one of the most hard-rockin' doo-wop tunes ever released. Could there be more out there? Let's see...

20 tracks in all. From 1954 to '64. I relied heavily on a couple of sources for all the tracks. If you think doo-wop doesn't fall under the style or the genre, take it up with them and not me, lol. Anyway... my favs? Hmm, maybe The Five Crowns' "Popcorn Willie" or The Champions' "The Same Old Story." Enjoy!

Note: I really wanted to add Zoom, but cannot find a good file online with a clean rip. The one I have is 167kbps (?!? - now that's old, ripped from some long-gone program) but the source is rough. You can still hear the track on youtube here -> "Zoom" by The Starlighters  (btw, I still think Zoom is the heaviest doo-wop track)

May 16, 2023

Popcorn Mania 10: Do the Wobble!

 And here we are - ten volumes later. I never planned this at all. Well, that's the way it goes just like that saying - "Man who walks through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok" ... BA-DUM-TSS!

20 rare ditties from '56 to '65. My favs are Jane Baker's Boom-De-De-Boom, Little Jerry Williams' Let's Do the Wobble, and Lillian Vines' I Dreamed About My Baby Last Night. imo, all these tracks (not the artists) are rare. I know I've heard Dangerous Lips before, but not by The Drivers (their version on this set). Enjoy!

May 14, 2023

Shake 'em Up Sally and Let Your Bangs Hang Down! More Rakin' & Scrapin' Oldies!

The first one was back in March 2022 (Shake 'em Up Sally and Let Your Bangs Hang Down! 20 Rakin' & Scrapin' Oldies!). I couldn't pass up on extending the mix title, so here we are with part two. 18 awesome & rockin' oldies from 1954 to '67. I don't have a particular fav but if put on the spot, I'll go with Willie Egan's brilliant "I Don't Know Where She Went," the Deep River Boys' "Rock-a-Beatin' Boogie," and Leon Peels' "Cottonhead Joe." Plenty of jump-blues (Wynonie Harris, my favorite artist of the genre), rock & roll, and rhythm & blues. Enjoy!

May 13, 2023

The Steamy Library 1: Risqué

Back to the smoky, groovin' library of lounge. Oops, actually the sexy lounge. Otto Sieben's "Soft Popsound" is probably my favorite in the mix. Rovi's (aka Piero Umiliani) "Atmosphere" is another goodie. And another in Alan Moorhouse's "Heavy Bopper." As usual, there are all good. 16 tracks from '68 to '87. Enjoy!

May 5, 2023

Popcorn Mania 9: Again! Again!

 I'll share a little homemade secret for awesome popcorn... canola oil, nutritional yeast, and sea salt. I use a small pot and put enough oil to cover the bottom plus a wee bit more. Once finished popping, I dump the popcorn in a container and sprinkle a spoonful of nutritional yeast (it barely has a taste, but I use it for the B vitamins) and sea salt. That's it. Oh wait, this isn't a food blog haha...

Another volume of popcorn for all you fanatics. Favorites? I'll go with Jo Ann Campbell's A Kookie Little Paradise, The Drew-Vels' It's My Time (probably my #1 on this mix), and Dolly Lyon's Palm of Your Hand. They're all good. Enjoy!

May 3, 2023

That's What She Said Too! More Poppin' Rockin' Ladies [1962-73]

The second installment. Plenty of rare stuff. Big favs in Margo & The Marvettes' This Heart Is Not for Sale, Josie and The Pussycats' Roadrunner, and The Vernons' Gettin' Together. They're all good. Enjoy!