January 25, 2024

Everything Under the Sun Is in Tune 2: A Compendium of '70s HPPR!

HPPR = Hard, Progressive, & Psychedelic Rock. Another scorching volume, 16 tracks in all, and all '70s. As for my top favs, probably Jericho's "Featherbed" would be right up there. It's close to 10 minutes but it's not long enough. Stray's "Move It" is another excellent track. The Mops' "Town Where I Was Born" is another goodie.

The track "Law of the Land" by Asia is not the same band as the Heat of the Moment dudes. And, the last three tracks do pack a punch. Bandit's "Woman" is a great crank-it-up track. Axis' "Juggler" is so well produced/recorded, I thought for sure that it was a late 80s/early 90s release. Enjoy!

January 16, 2024

Everything Under the Sun Is in Tune: A Conspectus of HPPR! 69-77

HPPR = Hard, Progressive, & Psychedelic Rock. I wanted to expand the psychedelic rock a wee bit more from the previous mixes by mixing in some progressive and hard rock. And of course, the usual deeper and obscure gems rule the mix. And, to repeat myself over and over, I only include the tunes I really like or love, aka melody-licious! No mediocrity!

My favs? Jacky Chalard's "L'agonie" - a 3 minute instrumental tune that could have been stretched to 30 minutes. I melt in that groove. Please note: You'll also find the tune credited to Gilbert Deflez. The tunes are almost exact except the latter clocks in a minute less, hence the credit to the composer (Jacky) from the source.

Finland's progressive rock group Haikara and their '73 "Change" leans more to hard rock. Yep, fits the mix's intention. Brainbox's awesome "Dark Rose" reminds me of Cargo's "Finding Out" (included in the "Drive Baby Drive" series). Hmm, both bands from the Netherlands but as far as I know, no other association between the two. btw, Jan Akkerman (Focus) also played guitar for Brainbox.

One of my favorite tracks is also the shortest - Emmanuel Brun's instrumental "La voix psychédélique." I really wish it was longer, a LOT longer.

For the curious, I included Victor Brady's "Soul Fungi" and yes, that's a steel drum you're hearing. And, I also included Bolder Damn's "Dead Meat." It's a 16-minute romp-fest. Can you handle it? 

16 tracks and all so good. Crank it up and enjoy!

January 3, 2024

There She Goes! The Best & Breast of 60s-70s Psychedelic Rock II

Continuing on... 20 more tracks of psychedelic & garage rock, some mod, beat, etc, from '66 to '72. Way too many favs to list. How about my top favs? Hmm...

Paul's Collection's "What Have I Done." The only thing I know about the band is that they're from Belgium. This track from '70 sounds inspired by The Who, or at least the drummer and especially the bassist. Regardless, a stellar track. Steel Wool's rendition of the Guess Who's "No Sugar Tonight" is another fav. Steel Wool was an alias for Lodi, who were previously known as The Knickerbockers.

? and The Mysterians' "Ain't It a Shame" is another big fav. The Cyran' Shames' "The Sailing Ship" is another biggie. The same for John Wooley & Just Born's "You're Lying." Anyway, I'll say it - they're all good! Some more than good. Enjoy!

January 1, 2024

Not a FreakShow! The Best & Breast of 60s-70s Psychedelic Rock I

I gave myself a week to rest, more or less farted around. I made no plans what's next and simply waited for any kind (music wise) of inspiration. And there it was... "Action Painting" by The Rickets (erroneously spelled Ricketts on a few compilations). It's also my fav of the 20 mostly psychedelic, garage, mod/beat rock tracks, ranging from '66 to '71.

Other big favs - The Dream's "Can I Ask You One More Question (Rebellion)" from '69. Also, Stone Circus' epic-like "Inside-Out Man," also from '69. And the Empty Vessels' "Low Toby," also from '69 is another highlight. Evil Eyes' "Moving Around" from '67 is another goodie. They're all good. Enjoy!