May 20, 2024

Popcorn Mania 14: Just a Little Bit More

Popcorn music/style seems to be so well loved, why not another! 18 tracks (I'd say mostly rare), from '56's  - "Sing On, Baby" by Jane Baker, to '68's "I Feel the Pain" by Linda Queen. As usual, all good tracks. I don't have any particular favs but if pressed to mention a few, I'll go with Jimmy Ruffin's "Lucky Lucky Me," Johnny Wyatt's "I Wouldn't Change a Thing About You," Gene McDaniels' "A Tear," and Eileen Rodgers' "Crazy Dream." Enjoy!

May 11, 2024

A Little dnb'll Do Ya!

Yes, my Mom would dabble a bit of that Brylcreem in our hair. I have no recollection if it bothered or not. Oh, what the heck am I talkin' about? Just another play in the title (Brylcreem's "A little dab will do you" ad), and this time, a great mix of drum and bass (the melodic side). I'm a fan of dnb but not some of the sub-genres and sounds, in particular the low-frequency harsh sub-bass, harsh-wobble, harsh-wub, and harsh-reese effects (I think it's labelled as Neurofunk, but not sure). You've heard the dnb I generally love in some of the 'Downtime' mixes. So anyway...

I'm pretty sure it was Roni Size's "Brown Paper Bag" that opened doors to further explore dnb, breakbeat, atmospheric dnb, etc. It's also in this mix. Jrumhand's "Something a Little..." is fairly new to my ears and bound to be another big fav. Simplification's "How Many Ways" (samples Billy Paul's 73's hit "Me and Mrs. Jones") is a big fav. And so is Bachelors of Science's "Hold On." A dozen tracks and all good, of course. Enjoy!

May 4, 2024

Drive Baby Drive, Vol. 11: Motor Skills for Everyone!

More modern motorik, mostly rare. A dozen tracks in all. Favorite is probably Stan Und Hilda's "Motorik für alle." They use a sample of Stardust's Music Sounds Better with You, and in turn, samples Chaka Khan's Fate. It's a repeated loop, and probably won't sit well for those who prefer a little more variety. I happen to love it - sometimes those grooves just suck you in, while time feels like an afterthought. C.A.R.'s "Große Trommel" is another goodie, and so is Fujiya & Miyagi's "Ankle Injuries." Frankensteins Ballet's "Club der Geißterfahrer" rounds out my top favs. Enjoy!

For the curious: According to translator, Motorik für alle in English = Motor Skills for Everyone

April 27, 2024

Doo-Wop Ballads: Love Is Love [1955-64]

Plenty of rare tracks. Aside from all good to great tracks, personal favs are Joey & The Ovations' "I Still Love You," Chicago based The Orchids with "Newly Wed," The Chromatics (feat. Augie Austin) with "My Heart Let Me Be Free," New York's The Inspirations with "The Feeling of Her Kiss," and Bertha Tillman's "Oh My Angel." The latter a big, big fav.

And then there's New York's The Starlites with their awesome (and probably my favorite) "Valarie." My first introduction to this classic was Frank Zappa's version.

20 tracks in all, from 1955 to 64. I hope you enjoy this mix, and possibly more to come.

April 25, 2024

And It's Whispered That Soon, If We All Call For Some Nineties Tunes II

Another round with many rare tracks, yet several familiar names. A little more diverse too including New York's own Bright, and their motorik-styled "Pannonica." It's also one of my top favs from this mix. Hair metal's L.A. Guns and their awesome ballad, "It's Over Now" is not only another top fav, but a personal fav (of many) as well.

I wasn't all that keen over EMF but I do like their one track, "Admit It." Canada's The Weakerthans are a pretty good group, and their "Diagnosis" is (imo) one of their best. Remember Bowie's Tin Machine? "You Belong in Rock N' Roll" is one of the best tracks off their second release. Helmet's "Vaccination" is one of their best unsung gems. New Bad Things' "Caravan" and Spin Doctors' "How Could You Want Him" are a couple of more favs.

Oh, and can't forget Pee's "ihop," sometimes written as IHOP or I Hop, from other sites. Their CD has it as "ihop" and that supersedes the aforementioned guesswork. It's also a great track.

Lots of goodies. 18 tracks in all. Enjoy!

April 23, 2024

And It's Whispered That Soon, If We All Call For Some Nineties Tunes!

Another original title! 🙄  Ahhh, the nineties. It's mind boggling to think some of these tracks are more than thirty years old! And so, what's the scoop with this mix? I was going for more of the deeper cuts, along with a few "Wow, I haven't heard that tune in ages!" All great tracks mind you. Let's see...

Remember Imperial Drag? An US band that released just one album back in '96. You probably recall their singles, "Boy or a Girl" or "Spyder" but here at the Groovy Library, the best track is "Breakfast by Tiger (Kiss It All Goodbye)." And, the track not only on this mix, but top 3 (probably #1) as well.

Live's "Lakini's Juice" is another big fav. And so is Goo Goo Dolls' "Ain't That Unusual." That band used to be soooo good.

Talk Show's "Peeling an Orange" is another big fav, and imo the best track off their only release. Talk Show is really Stone Temple Pilots sans Scott. And speaking of STP, "Ride the Cliché" is included and also one of their best unsung gems. Okay, I'm biased because STP is one of my all-time favorite bands (top 10).

Imani Coppola's "Legend of a Cowgirl" is not only a great tune, but impressive with the sample and/or interpolation of Donovan's Sunshine Superman. As of today, I've never met anyone who recalls the tune.

Anyway, eighteen tracks in all. And yes, a Canadian band named Pure released a track called "Pure." And it's good too. Enjoy!

March 30, 2024

Popcorn Mania 13: What a Feeling!

A baker's dozen of popcorn comps. Cleo Jons' "Why Don't You Do Right (Get Me Some Money, Too!)" is a goodie. Wanda Jackson's "Whirlpool" is another fav. I really like Ginny Arnell's "Dumb Head" but I can see the controversy if released today. Apparently, Ginny herself was reluctant about the track, but after hearing the final product, she liked what she heard.

Nella Dodds' "Come See About Me" is another fav with a story. From what I've read/heard, Berry Gordy heard it in the studio and immediately had the Supremes record and release their version before Nella's. I've read inconsistent release dates on the net whether who was first, but I'm sure the exact info for what went down is out there. I suppose it don't really matter much to me. It's all good. And speaking of good, 20 tracks in all. Enjoy!

March 22, 2024

Everything Under the Sun Is in Tune 4: A Prospectus of HPPR! 69-79

Copied intro from first volume... HPPR = Hard, Progressive, & Psychedelic Rock. I wanted to expand the psychedelic rock a wee bit more from the previous mixes by mixing in some progressive and hard rock. And of course, the usual deeper and obscure gems rule the mix. And, to repeat myself over and over, I only include the tunes I really like or love, aka melody-licious! No mediocrity!

Back in '79, I don't think I've heard any of the tracks, let alone the artists (with exception to Steve Hackett, Man, and maybe Apocalypse). It's unfortunate for I'm sure I'd be wearing out the vinyls. Favorites this time around? 18 Karat Gold's "If My Guru Would Know." It's catchy and Gu-roovey (bad joke, haha). Man's "It Is as It Must Be" is really good. Blackjack's "Fallin'" is a great rocker. If you think the singer sounds like Michael Bolton, that's because you're correct. Bruce Kulick (guitarist) was also a member. Avalanche's "Tie Your Laces" is another fav. Roland Kovac New Set's "The Master Said (Part I)" is just the last 10 minutes edited out. The first half (aka Part I) is the best part.

16 tracks and all good. Enjoy!

March 8, 2024

Rockin' Rollin' Doo-Wop 3: Tick ​​Tock A-Woo!

Back in the first volume (find it here), I mentioned "Zoom" by The Starlighters but didn't have a good quality mp3. The tune has to be one of the heaviest, and rockiest doo-wop track I've ever heard. I eventually found one and forgot all about it until Chi-Town sent me the track, after reading aforementioned in the first volume. I decided to use his track for this mix. And speaking of this mix...

It took more than six months to get here but imo, a worthy wait. You'll notice (like the previous volumes) that some tracks don't sound all that doo-wop like. It's all good music to me, regardless of the labels. My favorites? Well, my fav is a toss-up between "Zoom" and George Zimmerman and The Thrills' "Ain't Got the Money to Pay for This Drink." Other favs include The Genies' "Who's That Knocking," The Isley Brothers' "Everybody's Gonna Rock and Roll" and The Hollyhocks' "You for Me." Oops, forgot about Dave Collins & The Scrubs' "Bluesy Me" and Grady Chapman and The Suedes' "Don't Blooper." 20 tracks in all. They're all good. Enjoy!

February 29, 2024

Popcorn Mania 12: Gonna Have a Party!

I hope the popcorn fans are still around. I'm not sure how many of the 20 tracks are rare, but the majority are rare to me. Bobby Angelle's "There Goes My Baby" is probably my top fav of the bunch. Johnny Restivo's "Last Night on the Back Porch" would be up there too. And so is Esther Phillips' Beatles take on And I Love Her as "And I Love Him." Obrey Wilson's "In a Woman's Eyes" is also another goodie. All tracks from 1960 to '67. Enjoy!

February 26, 2024

Drive Baby Drive, Vol. 10: Get Your Motorik Runnin'!

Mooz mentioned/commented in one of his mixtapes posts how we individually fathom as the best compilers (perhaps not worded correctly (paraphrased) but that's the gist). I certainly have... and sure, even today (lol). The point - when I continue a series, the next volume (imo) is a bit better than its predecessor. Example - this mix. It's onerous thinkin' back to the mentality from the earlier mix, and the obligatory thoughts of "Ooo yeah, this is the smoker fer sure. I can't top this one..." And here we are, and this one not only smokes but better yet!

14 grooves, and a few singing lines here and there (not much). I suppose my favorite is the last track, Verstärker's "Jenseits des Jenseits." According to translator, Verstärker is German for Amplifier. The band is from the US. It's a great track, and shortly after the 5 minute mark, it's fast and doesn't let up until the end. Fujiya & Miyagi's "Knickerbocker" is another big fav. And so is Suralin's "Bohemian Bourgeoisie." I chose The Shadow Sea's extended version of "The Remnant" because I thoroughly enjoy good repetitive grooves. "Infinite Beatle Crisis" by Anazgnos is another fav. I have no idea behind the title. It's an instrumental, and a good one too. Anyway, they're all good. Enjoy!

February 20, 2024

Cruisin' Under Starlit Desert Skies 3

Do you feel like headin' out for a ride cruisin' through a warm, summer evening to the sounds of an awesome soundtrack? "Cruisin' Under Starlit Desert Skies 3" is just the ticket. It's broken down into four parts: 1) It's full throttle from the get go, and it doesn't let up... 2) You're just cruisin' now, top down feelin' the breeze... 3) You're headin' back now, winding down, settlin' into the comfortable stage... 4) and you're home and relaxed. And what a rush!

When they say the third time's a charm, they ain't kiddin'. I had a blast with this mix (note: I also had a blast revising the first two volumes. You can find them here - VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 2). As usual, many of the tracks are "Desert Rock." Big, BIG favorites in Ape Shifter's "Mind of You." If that track doesn't get your gears in motion, then go for Giant Lungs' "Ego." King Buffalo's "Regenerator" is another fav. And so is Jhufus' "Oneiric Sky." In the winding down section, Rollerball's "Ganie's Theme 2" is a big, big fav. They're all good.

This volume is definitely my favorite in the series. I hope to do more. Enjoy!

February 12, 2024

Drive Baby Drive, Vol. 9: More Motorik!

The first volume of the series was all modern motorik (btw, it's been revised - Drive Baby Drive, Volume 1). This new mix is also all modern, sans a couple of '70s tracks (Neu!'s "Neuschnee" and Michael Rother's "Flammende Herzen"). You gotta love motorik. And what is Motorik you ask? A good to-the-point explanation from the www... The motorik beat is a distinctive rhythmic pattern characterized by a steady, propulsive pulse and a strict adherence to a consistent tempo.

A dozen tracks in all. My favorite is the last and longest track - Planet Bit's "Is ittt Future or Is ittt Past." A couple of Vert:X tracks ("The Pythia (Xylitol - Tape Edit)" and "DTFMEXT2MIX2") as well. Einstellung's "Tot" is another fav. As I normally say, they're all good. Enjoy!

February 7, 2024

Please Accept This Collect Call Mister Astronaut

Back in my day, long distance calls were outrageously overpriced. I could just imagine the cost if it were possible to ring up Neil Armstrong back in '69 up there on our one and only natural satellite. Okay, enough of the dramatics...

16 rare (to the casual listener) and awesome prog/progressive rock, mostly 70s with one 60s track (Can's "Oscura Primavera"), and a few 80s. Spain's Eduardo Bort opens and closes the set with "Thoughts (Pensamientos) 1ª parte" and "Thoughts (Pensamientos) 2ª parte." Birth Control (from Germany) with "Plastic People" is a goodie. Epsilon (another German band) with "Two-2-II" is another goodie. France's Taï Phong with "Crest" is yet another fav. Eden Rose (another band from France) with "Travelling" is you guessed it, another fav. They're all good. Enjoy!

February 3, 2024

Everything Under the Sun Is in Tune 3: An Aperçu of HPPR! 68-75

Continuing on with another round of rare hard, progressive, & psychedelic rock. Let's see...

From Peru, Telegraph Avenue's "Tookie Tookie" begins the mix, and also one of my big favs of the 16 tracks. Florida's own Tin House and their '71 track "Endamus Finallamus" is another fav. And so is Denmark's Young Flowers with "April '68." Also Rochester, New York's Black Sheep with "To Whom It May Concern" another fav. Black Sheep was the last band Lou Gramm (vocalist) was in before joining Foreigner. Anyway, all goodies. Enjoy!

January 25, 2024

Everything Under the Sun Is in Tune 2: A Compendium of '70s HPPR!

HPPR = Hard, Progressive, & Psychedelic Rock. Another scorching volume, 16 tracks in all, and all '70s. As for my top favs, probably Jericho's "Featherbed" would be right up there. It's close to 10 minutes but it's not long enough. Stray's "Move It" is another excellent track. The Mops' "Town Where I Was Born" is another goodie.

The track "Law of the Land" by Asia is not the same band as the Heat of the Moment dudes. And, the last three tracks do pack a punch. Bandit's "Woman" is a great crank-it-up track. Axis' "Juggler" is so well produced/recorded, I thought for sure that it was a late 80s/early 90s release. Enjoy!

January 16, 2024

Everything Under the Sun Is in Tune: A Conspectus of HPPR! 69-77

HPPR = Hard, Progressive, & Psychedelic Rock. I wanted to expand the psychedelic rock a wee bit more from the previous mixes by mixing in some progressive and hard rock. And of course, the usual deeper and obscure gems rule the mix. And, to repeat myself over and over, I only include the tunes I really like or love, aka melody-licious! No mediocrity!

My favs? Jacky Chalard's "L'agonie" - a 3 minute instrumental tune that could have been stretched to 30 minutes. I melt in that groove. Please note: You'll also find the tune credited to Gilbert Deflez. The tunes are almost exact except the latter clocks in a minute less, hence the credit to the composer (Jacky) from the source.

Finland's progressive rock group Haikara and their '73 "Change" leans more to hard rock. Yep, fits the mix's intention. Brainbox's awesome "Dark Rose" reminds me of Cargo's "Finding Out" (included in the "Drive Baby Drive" series). Hmm, both bands from the Netherlands but as far as I know, no other association between the two. btw, Jan Akkerman (Focus) also played guitar for Brainbox.

One of my favorite tracks is also the shortest - Emmanuel Brun's instrumental "La voix psychédélique." I really wish it was longer, a LOT longer.

For the curious, I included Victor Brady's "Soul Fungi" and yes, that's a steel drum you're hearing. And, I also included Bolder Damn's "Dead Meat." It's a 16-minute romp-fest. Can you handle it? 

16 tracks and all so good. Crank it up and enjoy!

January 3, 2024

There She Goes! The Best & Breast of 60s-70s Psychedelic Rock II

Continuing on... 20 more tracks of psychedelic & garage rock, some mod, beat, etc, from '66 to '72. Way too many favs to list. How about my top favs? Hmm...

Paul's Collection's "What Have I Done." The only thing I know about the band is that they're from Belgium. This track from '70 sounds inspired by The Who, or at least the drummer and especially the bassist. Regardless, a stellar track. Steel Wool's rendition of the Guess Who's "No Sugar Tonight" is another fav. Steel Wool was an alias for Lodi, who were previously known as The Knickerbockers.

? and The Mysterians' "Ain't It a Shame" is another big fav. The Cyran' Shames' "The Sailing Ship" is another biggie. The same for John Wooley & Just Born's "You're Lying." Anyway, I'll say it - they're all good! Some more than good. Enjoy!

January 1, 2024

Not a FreakShow! The Best & Breast of 60s-70s Psychedelic Rock I

I gave myself a week to rest, more or less farted around. I made no plans what's next and simply waited for any kind (music wise) of inspiration. And there it was... "Action Painting" by The Rickets (erroneously spelled Ricketts on a few compilations). It's also my fav of the 20 mostly psychedelic, garage, mod/beat rock tracks, ranging from '66 to '71.

Other big favs - The Dream's "Can I Ask You One More Question (Rebellion)" from '69. Also, Stone Circus' epic-like "Inside-Out Man," also from '69. And the Empty Vessels' "Low Toby," also from '69 is another highlight. Evil Eyes' "Moving Around" from '67 is another goodie. They're all good. Enjoy!