May 11, 2024

A Little dnb'll Do Ya!

Yes, my Mom would dabble a bit of that Brylcreem in our hair. I have no recollection if it bothered or not. Oh, what the heck am I talkin' about? Just another play in the title (Brylcreem's "A little dab will do you" ad), and this time, a great mix of drum and bass (the melodic side). I'm a fan of dnb but not some of the sub-genres and sounds, in particular the low-frequency harsh sub-bass, harsh-wobble, harsh-wub, and harsh-reese effects (I think it's labelled as Neurofunk, but not sure). You've heard the dnb I generally love in some of the 'Downtime' mixes. So anyway...

I'm pretty sure it was Roni Size's "Brown Paper Bag" that opened doors to further explore dnb, breakbeat, atmospheric dnb, etc. It's also in this mix. Jrumhand's "Something a Little..." is fairly new to my ears and bound to be another big fav. Simplification's "How Many Ways" (samples Billy Paul's 73's hit "Me and Mrs. Jones") is a big fav. And so is Bachelors of Science's "Hold On." A dozen tracks and all good, of course. Enjoy!

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