May 27, 2024

Got No Bushy Bushy Blonde Hairdo: Modern Surfin' Rock

I've mentioned before that I've always loved surf music, but wasn't all that keen for the more modern style. That changed once I heard the Surfaholics' '95 album, "Tiki-A-Go-Go" and that was that. In this mix, 18 instrumental (maybe a couple of talkin' lines, or shouts, farts, etc) modern surfer rockers, and they're oh so good. The highlight, and a must to be heard, is the 20 minute epic (you read that right - 20 minute surf track!?!) "Broadcast" by Tsunami Experiment. It doesn't drag, no droning, no filler, it's just good. Real good.

Johnny & The Waves' "Tidal Wave" and Indy Tumbita's "Linda" are big favs. Retrofoguetes' "O Avanço da Robótica" and Frankie and the Pool Boys' "Cat Fight" biggies too. Intóxicos' "Miagui Beach" is another worthy track. They're all good. Enjoy!



  1. Looks good! btw, have you heard the Surfrajettes? They're good

    1. Thx Pol. I've heard the name and recall the (album) covers but not the music. I'll have to check them out.