January 30, 2023

Popcorn Mania 4: Candy & Gum, Yum Yum! 1960-66

 I couldn't abandoned this series with just 3 volumes, so here's number 4, and possibly more to come! Out of the 20 tracks, I'd say 15 of 'em are rare as rocking horse poop (haha, I've used that line before - redundancy is good). My biggest fav? How about two of 'em - Johnny Lytle's The Loop, and Alder Ray's unreleased track, I Don't Need but One Man. Anyway, they all good. Enjoy!

January 27, 2023

Listen Here! Rare 70s Prog with a Groove!

 As the name of the blog pertains, I love the groove in music. In just about any artist, you'd find a groovin' tune or three. I'm sure you're sittin' there thinkin', "Groovy prog?" Why not! There's a ton of prog out there (that goes for just about any other genre), and a lot of it isn't just long-winded (in a good way) or experimental. Can's Soul Desert (included on Progressive Rock: The Rockers and The Groovers) is an excellent example of a groovin' tune performed by a progressive/experimental band. And that's what we got here. Now, not every tune is like aforementioned, but it's close enough for me.

16 tracks, over 90 minutes. Enjoy!

January 20, 2023

Awesome Downtime 16: Moça Formos

 As I've said in previous versions, I love all the tracks. Track #15 goes back to my soaking-in-the-tub days.

About the first track - it's not the Chris Cross dude, although I've seen it tagged on various sites (I think on the tube too). I know remixers can alter the vocals and such, but I did find out who the actual(?) singer was. However, I didn't bother to note it and just kept the track tagged to the mixer who goes by the name of DJ Yves. For all we know, it could have been someone else. I've seen in multiple cases other mixers/DJs taking the credit from others. Okay, enough of that useless banter... on the original remix, the tune begins with the percussion. For this comp, I added the original tune's orchestra intro, the stretches, The Office quips, repeats, flanging, and all other effects (all of 26 seconds), then segued into the original remix.

Blue Wednesday's Don't Let Go is a big, big fav. Also, the couple of tracks aforementioned, and The Player Piano's Sudden Left. Oh, can't forget In Love with a Ghost's Happy When You're Not Here. They're all good. Enjoy!

January 15, 2023

Sunshine, Rainbows & Popsicle Farts 3: Even More Gems from the '60s & '70s

 Lots of goodies here. Actually, all goodies. My big fav is Technicolour Dream. LOVE that tune! Enjoy!

January 13, 2023

Awesome All Right Nows & Other Assorted Covers

 I've always enjoyed puns/play in words, the more inept the better. There are a total of 9 covers of (Free's) All Right Now in this comp, and the original title was either going to be "ASI(9) Cover Versions..." or "ASI-9 Cover Versions..." or "Asi-NINE Cover Versions...," etc. Sometimes simplicity is the way to go hence, the basic and to-the-point title of this comp [for those unsure of original titles, the variations are from the word Asinine. It means really dumb, stupid, etc. The joke works a couple of ways ie, dumb titles throughout musical history]. Anyway...

There are probably a gazillion versions of All Right Now. I happen to really like nine of them, and those nine are all included along with seven other covers that are unrelated other than they're also covers. My favorites? It has to be the first track. It kicks ass! I'd love to be at a sporting event and the band rocked it out of the auditorium. As for the non-All Right Now tracks, track #13 because I sometimes enjoy it over Paul's own version. Wow, you've read it here. Enjoy!

January 11, 2023

Guitar Wankery Allowed!

 18 tracks of guitar fanatic aerobatics. This comp may not be for everyone. When it comes down to the guitar, we all have our favorite players and those players are generally well known. But how about those unsung players that are nary a blip on a radar screen? They certainly got the chops, which brings us to this comp...

Wankery?!? Isn't that an insult? lol, it's tongue-in-cheek. I dig this stuff. Now, why did I say this comp may not be for everyone... There are 18 tracks in total (all instrumentals, with only a couple of short tracks that are solo acoustic) with a few from the progressive metal genre and mathcore. Several of the tracks are more progressive/hard rock with a couple tinged in melancholy [it should also be noted that musical proficiency exceeds in all the instrumentations]. I guess what I'm saying is about half this comp may be new territory for those unfamiliar with the genres, and possibly unimpressed or startled with the unlikeness to the more familiar classic favs. I'll stop there but like to remind you that this is really good stuff! I should know - I listen to it! :)  Tracks 3 & 6 are big favs. Enjoy!

January 4, 2023

A Baker's Dozen of Forgotten '70s Prog Rock Gems II

 Another comp of awesome rare 70s prog. 85 minutes worth! Enjoy! (if you missed the first edition, click here)

Halloween Monster Mix 2021

NOTE: Revised Edition! Also to note the year in title. Shouldn't it be 2022? Yes and no. It's an old mix that I've revised a couple of times, finalized in 2021. For 2022, I set the tracks as one complete mix ala DJ mode. For this update, both comps are named as above. However, you can name it anything you please. Anyway...

By request, all separate tracks. You still have the choice for the original all-in-one-file mix or both (keep in mind, the updated version does not include the various sound effects from the original mix). Enjoy!