January 29, 2022

Awesome Downtime! The One That Started It All

Awesome Downtime! Chillhop, Downtempo, Smooth D&B, Trip-Hop, Nu-Jazz, You Name It! The original title that ended up into a series.

If you're after relaxing music that doesn't drift off into boredomland, then look no further. Now, this isn't all ambient or Kenny G type of stuff. I find soothing music in just about all genres, even fast-tempo'd tunes. The majority of tracks in the series lean more to chillhop and downtempo. All in all, it's super good music. Particular favorites in this volume include Lurch's "All Yours," Nightmares on Wax "Fire in the Middle," Thunderball's "Golden," Brookes Brothers' "Desert Island" and Bcee's "Hold On." They're all good. Press play, sit back, relax, groove... and enjoy!

January 26, 2022

Awesome Canadian Classic Rock You Could Use

I do not like that title. It's ridiculous the more I think about it. The original title was something like, "Awesome Canadian Classic Rock You Haven't Heard." However and fortunately, the music within makes up for the bad title, and then some. And by that, I'm talkin' many, many favorites. 16 tracks in all. All 70s sans Harlequin's "Innocence" from 1980.

A lot of the tracks hold many fond memories. If I had to list my top 3, it would be excruciating, but I'll try. Let's see... Edward Bear's "Cachet County." It's also my favorite track from the band. Trooper's "Round, Round We Go" and also my favorite track from the band. Ian Thomas' "Pilot" would be my third, and that too is my favorite of Ian's. Why stop at three! Stampeders (you know, the Sweet City Woman dudes) with "Ramona" is one of their best hard rockers. It was also on one of those K-Tel records. Max Webster, Cooper Brothers, Prism, etc. All songs are great. Enjoy!

January 21, 2022

Cruisin' Under Starlit Desert Skies

Note: Revised Edition

Do you feel like headin' out for a ride cruisin' through a warm, summer evening to the sounds of an awesome soundtrack? "Cruisin' Under Starlit Desert Skies" is just the ticket. It's broken down into four parts: 1) It's full throttle from the get go, and it doesn't let up... 2) You're just cruisin' now, top down feelin' the breeze... 3) You're headin' back now, winding down, settlin' into the comfortable stage... 4) and you're home and relaxed. And what a rush!

Many of the 16 tracks are "Desert Rock." Sometimes known as "Stoner Rock," both genres tend to be amalgamated in the genre tree. Also keep in mind that both genres (or maybe just the Stoner tag) are laden with sludge and doom metal. I don't mind the latter and it's expected with most releases, but not for this series. With that out of the way...

All big favs and lots of unsung tracks. Ozric Tentacles, Black Sky Giant, Lanterna, The Marlboro Men, Rollerball, Ephilexia, Lani Hall, etc. Enjoy!

Extra Note: I've remade the cover. The apostrophe was missing in original (annoyed my ocd) but kept it in the file, along with Manolis F's cover.

January 14, 2022

The Other Side of 60s Garage Rock

NOTE: Revised Edition!

21 tracks from '65 to '68. And they are rare as rockin' horse poop. The story behind this mix? I had a bunch of garage rock tracks sitting in some folders that I felt were not good enough for the blog. However, just because I don't think they are all that great doesn't mean the same for others. And, I'll admit, after another listen a year later, some of the tracks are actually worthy enough for this blog. I suppose at the time, I was probably in a sour mood. Enough of the excuses - this mix is rare, and may not be all to your liking. Favorites? Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells' Let It Be (not the Beatles tune) is a goodie. The Jynx Pack's She's in Love is another worthy for a listen or three. David John & The Mood's Diggin' for Gold, and King Biscuit Entertainers' (The Courtship Of) Priscilla Brown are a couple more good tunes. You just may like 'em all. Enjoy!

January 10, 2022

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Like Funk, So Do You: Rare Funky Gems 1969-1975

 NOTE: Revised Edition!

Awesome funky tracks! 16 of 'em. Big, BIG fav of Harold Alexander's Street Life. Another fav in The Equatics' Santana Part II (Part I also included) & Boogaloo Joe Jones' Freak Off. They're all great! Enjoy!

January 8, 2022

Hmm!?! Edits, Extends, Alts, Outtakes & the Kitchen Sink Mixes

NOTE: Revised Edition!

Note: All tracks edited [aka ruined] by George with the exception of tracks 1, 4, 5, & 6.

Most tracks were edited many years ago, by use of primitive programs. The overall sound in several tracks may not be perfect, and the artifacts (nuances) will be obvious, but it shouldn't take away the enjoyment. 

Fleetwood Mac's Gypsy [Overextended Outro mix] - I've always loved the original guitar solo but it should have been extended. Say no more!

Buchanan Brothers' Medicine Man [Complete Edit] - As far as I know, there wasn't a complete take. The album has it split in two parts. Hmm, it would be nice for an almost complete take - say no more!

Stone Temple Pilots' Kitchenware & Candybars [grewabeard mix] - One of my all-time favorite tracks by the band, but it needed to be longer. I've always loved the part when the electric guitar starts riffing away before the solo, but it needed to be longer. Say no more! Oh, and the ending is a nice touch.

Foreigner's Waiting for a Girl Like You [Hard Rock mix] - this goes back, way back over 20 years ago. I no longer recall the program, or all the settings. There's echo for sure, and probably some sustain and reverb as well. I like that the drums are not overbearing, but I wish I didn't add the echo/repeat settings in the chorus during the vocals. Again, very primitive.

The Floaters' Float On [Overextended mix] - another that goes waaaay back. I'm pretty sure I wanted the track to be longer than 14 minutes.

I've done several other mixes/edits from years back and may share them as well. Anyway, enjoy!

January 1, 2022

Stay Tuned / Capt. Kirk is holding... what?!?

 By the time I publish this post, it will be the new year. Happy New Year!

My original intent for this blog says it all in the name - groovy library. The aim was comps full of rare funky, groovin' library tracks. Also unsung 60s/70s funky jazz-funk and soul jazz as well. I also wanted to do rare 60s garage rock and associated genres. I had a few other things in mind but that's the gist of it. With all that said, I hope to commence sooner than later. I hope you all stick around. Thank you.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here's a pic of Capt. Kirk...