October 31, 2023

Halloween Leftovers 2023

And here we are, the last Halloween mix of the season. I've kept a temporary folder for the last couple of months full of tunes for Halloween. The following mix are tracks left over from that folder. They are not sub-par tracks by no means, but just couldn't fit them in the previous mixes.

This comp is indeed a mixed bag. Todd Rollins & His Orchestra's "The Boogie Man" (from '34) has lyrics that may easily offend, especially the folks who stirred up a ruckus over the Christmas staple, Baby It's Cold Outside, and the Police's Every Breath You Take. There's also a couple of interesting 60s tracks in the Whatever's "The Valley of Death" and the Seeds' "Creepin' About." And if you really want to get spooked, put on the headphones and turn up Suicide's Frankie Teardrop. No matter where I've read music discussions on the world wide web, when the subject of requesting songs for Halloween or simply something disturbing, Frankie Teardrop is mentioned.

You all have a safe and happy Halloween!

Enjoy! 😎

October 26, 2023

Halloween Horrors of Modern Surf Rock VII: Skullaballoo

This will probably be the last surf rock Halloween mix for the year. I should have lots more for next season. So, what do we have here...

Another goodie! Once again, 20 tracks in all with 19 all instrumentals. The Hellbenders' "The Ghosts of Boot Hill" has vocals. It's more (sort of) rockin' country but still has that surfie guitar going for it. My favs you've asked? The Treble Spankers' "A Man Called Curse" and the Lava Rats' "A Phalanx of Terror" would be my top two. Insect Surfers' "Ghost Train," Los Plantronics' "Voodoo Astronaut," and the Surf Zombies' "Skullaballoo" would be my other favs. Enjoy!

October 25, 2023

Halloween Horrors of Modern Surf Rock VI

And here we are with a sixth edition. And to think, I have enough tracks for six more! Hmm, probably more, but I'm not sure how many mixes I'll get in before the end of the month. In the meantime... another 20 tracks of maddening modern surf rock. Favs you asked? Hmm, going to go with the Killer Bananazz's "Freaks of Nature," the Galaxy Trio's "Surf n' Destroy," and Evan Foster's "Werewolves International" as my top favs. They're all good. Enjoy!

October 19, 2023

Halloween Horrors of Modern Surf Rock V: Surfin' Headhunters!

Not only the fifth volume, but my favorite so far! And why is that? Amphibian Man's "Surfing with Sea Devil on the Board." Love it! And that's not all either - Surfaholics' "Toxic Beach" is another fav. If you love the genre, check out the band (they also appear on the first volume).

What else is in store? How about a mix of alt-country swingin' it with surf rock = the Atomics' "Zombie vs Ninja." It's another fav. And how about a mix of reggae & ska with surf rock = The Aqua Velvets' "Shrunken Head." It's also another fav. 20 tracks in all. They're all good. Enjoy!

October 16, 2023

This Ain't No Hodgey-Podgey Halloween!

And another Halloween mix, but what's with the title? One of my Halloweenie folders had tracks collecting computer dust waiting to be heard. It was going to be a thorough mix of several years and genres, hence the 'hodge-podge' title. I changed my mind and focused more on the modern tracks (most are 2000s with a few 90s), but kept the title and worded it accordingly (tongue in cheek).

18 tracks - a bit of pop-punk, rock, garage, etc, Also includes one score; a couple of ambient tracks; and one dark modern classical track by Bára Gísladóttir. Favorites? 999's "Everyday Is Like Halloween" would be right up there. The Woggles' "Dracula's Daughter" is another goodie. And can't forget the surf rockin' "The Flyin' Pumpkin" by the Blackball Bandits. Enjoy!

October 14, 2023

Halloween Haunts 9: Here Comes the Bogey Man!

Wanna hear a good spooky story? Earlier in the year, I didn't think I'd find the time to make any Halloween mixes. And here we are with the twelfth mix. A dozen!?!? And I still have more tracks to add! I've gone completely mad!!! End of spooky story.

Continuing with the Halloween Haunts series... more 50s & 60s with three from the 30s (Henry Hall & His Orchestra's "Hush, Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Bogey Man," Smiley Burnette's "Minnie the Moocher at the Morgue," and The 5 Jones Boys' "Mr. Ghost Goes to Town"), and a couple of film scores to start and end the mix. Enjoy!

October 11, 2023

Film Scores of Terrifying Horror

Frightening! Seriously, listening to this can be frightening. And no, I'm not selling any pitch. I do however recommend while listening with headphones is to NOT crank it up. Actually, if you play this blasting out your stereo speakers during Halloween, I don't think many trick or treaters will show up, lol.

20 score pieces from horror/thriller films. I also added a few recognizable scores to keep the interest. Here's a tip: Mix this with the other Halloween (mixes) for a well diversified listen. So, what's the scariest track(s)? Most of 'em! Enjoy!

October 9, 2023

Halloween Haunts 8: Hairy Scary!

Lots of oldies. Mostly 50s with a few 60s, 70s, and one 80s (Joel Vandroogenbroeck's "Ghost Town"). Also, four tracks from the 30s (Cab Calloway's "The Nightmare," Glen Gray's "The House Is Haunted," Prairie Ramblers' "Ghost in the Graveyard," and Paula Kelly's "Jeepers Creepers"). And a couple of film scores thrown in too.

My favorites? Definitely The Naturals' "The Mummy," for it's so similar to Bony Moronie. Russ Garcia's "Monsters of Jupiter" is another fav from the exotic/easy listening genre. The Del-Vikings' "The Voodoo Man" is another goodie, especially for the doo-wop lovers. And last but not least, Pino Donaggio's "Bucket of Blood." If you've seen the awesome film Carrie (the original), you should recognize it immediately. Enjoy!

Note: Regarding the series - most need to be revised (better rips, etc). I don't think I'll be able to finish them in time before the end of the month. If that's the case, I should have them ready for next year.

October 5, 2023

Halloween Horrors of Modern Surf Rock 4

I didn't plan to make this a series at all. I stuck with it because, er, well, I enjoy the tunes! As for this edition (volume 4) imo, is right up there with volume 2 (my favorite of the series). 20 tracks once again and way too many favs to mention. But, I still enjoy naming off a few of them. Let's see...

Man or Astro-Man?'s "King of the Monsters" is probably my top fav. The Balboas' "Green Death" would be high on the list too. The Cavernarios' "Laguna verde" (Green Lagoon) too! And I love the exotic/lounge groove in The Excelsiors' "Strange Planet." They're all good. Enjoy!

October 3, 2023

More Halloween with Modern Horror-Disco

 This Ain't No Discotheque! A Dozen Modern Horror-Disco Tracks

It appears to be a more diversified Halloween playlist this year. Something for everyone perhaps. This time out, horror-disco. And what is horror-disco exactly? Another style/genre within the hierarchy/branch of EDM > Electro-disco, Italo-disco, Neo-disco, etc. I'm not a big fan of horror-disco, so it took me a bit to find a suitable mix. Like all my comps, I'm very selective. It's easy to fill a comp out in no time, but I'm a stickler. With this mix, I preferred the steady beats along the lines of Motorik.

If to select a favorite, I suppose Bottin's "Slashdance" would be right up there. It has that Daft Punk going for it. Psychic Pollution's "Exorcisme" is another, with the Motorik style. A dozen tracks in all, mostly instrumentals. Maybe go nuts and mix it up with the other Halloween mixes. Enjoy!

October 2, 2023

Halloween Horrors of Modern Surf Rock 3

And continuing with modern surf rock number 3. If you love lots of reverb-y guitar, check out The Verbtones' "Flight of the Vampyre." My favorite amongst the 20 tracks is probably Monsters from the Surf's "Mysterioso." The Fathoms' "Tracking Bigfoot" is another goodie. And so is Voodoo Court's "Psycho Surfer." Oh, and The Pyronauts' "Boogieman" would be another. They're all good. Enjoy!