March 18, 2023

70s Hard Rock Unsung Scorchers Vol. 3

 Rockin' Heavy, Hard & Steady 3: Even More 70s Hard Rock Unsung Scorchers

80 minutes of unsung tracks. I'd say out of the 16 tracks, more than a dozen would be rare to the casual hard rock fan. Check out the lengthy epic track by Japanese band Bow Wow. Also solid rockers from New York's Stark Naked, Canada's Warpig and others. Crank it up, and enjoy!

Note: Track 3 on original 45 label has the name spelled Blitzkreig. I've read somewhere that it was spelled in error. I'm not even sure now if that is correct. I have it tagged Blitzkrieg, so I must have been convinced enough for the change. It's been so long that I haven't bothered to recheck the facts ergo, my apologies if it's wrong.

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